Data products

1 Overview

SeaBee data products are made publicly available via the SeaBee GeoNode. Products include:

  • Datasets. Individual data layers, such as raster mosaics, results from machine learning, or vector annotation.

  • Maps. User-defined maps that combine multiple datasets. For example, a map containing all the data generated by a single SeaBee mission or campaign.

  • Documents. Relevant non-spatial datasets, such as reports, documentation, etc.

  • GeoStories. Web pages that combine geospatial visualisations with descriptive text to create a story on a particular theme.

  • Dashboards. Interactive applications allowing users to explore, visualise and analyse SeaBee datasets.

2 Using SeaBee data in other applications

All datasets hosted on SeaBee’s GeoNode are exposed as Web Mapping Services (WMSs), which users can add to their own maps or applications (e.g. in ArcGIS or QGIS). To do this, add a new WMS server to your application with the following URL

This will allow you to load a list of available SeaBee data layers and add them to your map.

3 Registered users

SeaBee data is available to everyone, but registered users can create their own maps and adjust layer styling etc. Click the Register button at the top-right of the GeoNode home page to create an account.